Cloud Services
  • Our data-centers support the latest Windows Server operating systems available.
  • We ensure speed, reliability and maximum protection for your data.
  • Our Tier 3 data-center guarantees 99.5% availability annually.
  • We have the ability to migrate physical and/or virtual servers to our cloud-based data-center.
Help Desk Service
  • The point of help desk services is to have as little of an interruption to daily business as possible.
  • We have to ability to set up a secure remote-desktop session to easily connect to your computer and assist you in a matter of minutes.
  • Our contract clients receive remote and/or on-site support with access to our service ticket portal
Why our clients choose our Managed Anti-virus Solution…

Keeping your business protected requires more than just off the shelf software.

Our Managed Anti-virus solution delivers enterprise-class protection, and is maintained 24/7 by our Network Operations Center, keeping your business secure while saving you money.

Benefits of using our anti-virus:
  • Very small operating footprint; virtually zero effect on the devices speed
  • 2-way firewall with intrusion prevention for optimal security
  • Incident remediation included at no additional cost
  • Available on Servers, Desktops, Laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Active Virus Control Technology which addresses all known vulnerabilities
What made us choose our anti-virus:

Our anti-virus choice is recognized as the provider-of-choice and is used in nearly 40% of the world’s security solutions. Our product of choice will secure the most important aspect of your business; the technology that you use and rely on every single day.

Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Built for remote workforce
  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • The EDR agent offers protection even when offline. The agent will protect against malware threats when the device is disconnected from the internet.
  • Utilizes multiple cascading engines: reputation, StaticAI, and ActiveEDR capabilities to prevent and detect different types of attacks at different phases.
  • Uses StaticAI Prevention to analyze (online or offline) executable files pre-execution; this replaces the need for traditional signatures, which are easily bypassed, require constant updating and require resource-intensive scans on the device.
  • Can detect in-memory attacks
  • Primarily SaaS based
  • Rollback feature can be initiated from the Management console to return a Windows endpoint to its former state prior to the execution of a malicious process, such as ransomware, with a single click.
Simple & Secure Data Backup
    • Any device on your network, 24/7 backups. We manage and store your important data on a secured, local server, or remotely.
    • Our data backups are located in a Tier 3 data-center with government approved AES-256 strong encryption.
    • We have the ability to run full, differential or incremental backups.
    VoIP Phone Services

    • Auto provisioning
    • High Availability
    • Web-based management, user interfaces
    • Operator console
    • Real-time call status monitoring, line/extension appearance
    • Fax service
    • Rule-based dial plan
    • Call recording
    Key Features & Benefits
    Multiple Line Types
    Support for PRI (T1/E1) digital lines, VoIP and traditional analog lines, depending on the model.

    Multilocation Networking
    Integrates multiple locations, around the block or across the country with no long-distance charges.

    Rich Call Features
    Line/extension appearance, call queue, call barge, phone profile, ring group, call recording, rule-based dial plan, individual/group voicemail, and much more.

    Multiple mode scheduling, flexible number management, re-assignable extensions, and called ID modification.

    Ease of Configuration
    Visual auto attendant config, built-in DHCP server, auto phone provisioning and web-based management and user web portal.

    Comprehensive System Monitoring
    Real-time call status monitoring, call statistics, call logs, and call reports, and network traffic capture.