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When IT issues and costs become a distraction they eat away at the very efficiencies they were supposed to create. Providing growing businesses the most confidence, flexibility, and affordability, PCOM’s fixed fee, no limits, managed IT services and onsite personnel put sophisticated technology deployment well within reach.

IT solutions that make sense.

Less moving parts for your organization, delivering a higher level of knowledge for your business success. We bring mature enterprise IT components scaled to your needs now and to stay ahead.

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Let’s talk about a smarter approach to your IT. Avoid downtime, data loss, and do it for less than what you spent for the infrastructure you have now without losing your current IT investments.

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You can get more done… for far less. With greater expertise… and greater peace of mind. And you don’t have to hire a full-time employee. You can truly harness the power of your technologies. You can put your business to work.

RSS Technology News

  • 'Black Ops 4' battle royale is free for a week starting January 17th January 15, 2019
    Were you too busy playing Red Dead or Spider-Man over the holidays to give other games a look? Activision would like to talk. It's running a free, week-long trial of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's tentpole Blackout mode between January 17th and Januar...
  • Sony's mid-range A6400 mirrorless camera is ideal for vloggers January 15, 2019
    Sony has boosted its mid-range APS-C lineup with the launch of the 24-megapixel A6400 mirrorless camera. It looks much the same as its predecessor, the A5100, but has much-improved specs and should be especially ideal for vloggers, thanks to 4K 30fps...
  • Battery-free sensor tag gathers energy from radio frequencies January 15, 2019
    Sensors play a crucial role in the Internet of Things, but there's one glaring limitation: they need a battery or some other conspicuous power source to run. Soon, however, they might only have to pluck energy from the air. Wiliot has shown off a B...
  • Michael Kors' Sofie 2.0 smartwatch is about more than just fashion January 15, 2019
    When Fossil's Michael Kors label unveiled the first Sofie smartwatch, it had eye-catching looks... and not much else. You can't say the same for the just-unveiled Sofie 2.0, at least. Michael Kors has updated the wristwear with the same posh-lookin...
  • Microsoft and Walgreens join forces to 'transform healthcare' January 15, 2019
    Microsoft and Walgreens announced today that they will be teaming up to help improve health care. The companies have entered into a seven-year agreement during which Walgreens plans to migrate most of its IT infrastructure over to Microsoft's Azure c...
  • The real Pinkertons aren't happy with 'Red Dead Redemption 2' January 15, 2019
    The Pinkertons loom large as virtual adversaries in Red Dead Redemption 2, but now they're involved in a very real legal tussle over the game. Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations has sent Rockstar Games a cease and desist notice claiming that...
  • Amazon's base Fire TV Stick now comes with its new Alexa remote January 15, 2019
    You don't have to sacrifice all the bells and whistles to get Amazon's entry-level Fire TV hardware. The internet giant is releasing an updated edition of the basic Fire TV Stick (that is, the 1080p version) with the new Alexa Voice Remote it unveil...
  • Aaron Sorkin says it's time for a 'Social Network' sequel January 15, 2019
    Aaron Sorkin is ready for a follow-up to his Facebook origin movie, The Social Network. And he's not the only one: the film's producer Scott Rudin has also sounded off on a possible sequel, Sorkin told the Associated Press.
  • VW and Ford may work together on EVs and autonomous vehicles January 15, 2019
    In the latest instance of major automakers teaming up, Volkswagen and Ford will work together on commercial vans and pickups, and they could start selling such vehicles by 2022. The companies are also exploring potential collaboration on electric veh...
  • Orange Shirt Kid's mom is suing 'Fortnite' creators over dance January 15, 2019
    Epic Games is facing yet another lawsuit over the use of dance moves in Fortnite, although this one might not be so straightforward. The mom of Orange Shirt Kid, whose Random dance reached the game as Orange Justice, is suing Epic for allegedly usin...