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Understanding Our Value

Fixed fees. No limits. And something no other remote IT services would think to offer you: dedicated personnel, standard with every package.

When IT issues and costs become a distraction they eat away at the very efficiencies they were supposed to create. Providing growing businesses the most confidence, flexibility, and affordability, PCOM’s fixed fee, no limits, managed IT services and onsite personnel put sophisticated technology deployment well within reach.

IT solutions that make sense.

Less moving parts for your organization, delivering a higher level of knowledge for your business success. We bring mature enterprise IT components scaled to your needs now and to stay ahead.

More value. More experience. Less risk.

Let’s talk about a smarter approach to your IT. Avoid downtime, data loss, and do it for less than what you spent for the infrastructure you have now without losing your current IT investments.

Control Costs: level the playing field.

You can get more done… for far less. With greater expertise… and greater peace of mind. And you don’t have to hire a full-time employee. You can truly harness the power of your technologies. You can put your business to work.

RSS Technology News

  • Samsung's Galaxy S10 ad airs on TV before its flagship event February 19, 2019
    Who needs leakers when Samsung is outing its Unpacked lineup itself? Ahead of its flagship event tomorrow, the Korean tech giant has let slip another look at its AirPods-style wireless Galaxy Buds and Galaxy S10. If you thought it couldn't top its ea...
  • Huawei's P30 series will debut on March 26th February 19, 2019
    Huawei's upcoming flagship phones won't be popping up at Mobile World Congress. The tech giant has announced a special P30 series launch event in Paris, which will take place on March 26th, 2019 -- almost a full month after MWC wraps up in Barcelona....
  • CERN lets you surf the web like it's 1990 February 19, 2019
    We take the relative seamlessness of the internet for granted these days -- it's easy to forget that surfing the web was once a fairly clunky and convoluted affair. But for those hankering for a bit of tech nostalgia -- or those that can't conceive o...
  • Google explains how it is fighting fake news February 19, 2019
    Like all online platforms, Google is not immune to the scourge of fake news that has dominated headlines over the last few years. The company has taken various steps in fighting the problem -- from partnering with fact-checking networks to launching...
  • Huawei founder: 'there's no way the US can crush us' February 19, 2019
    Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei told the BBC that he believes the arrest of his daughter, company CFO Meng Wanzhou, was politically motivated. Wanzhou was arrested in Canada in December over accusations that the company is involved in "conspiracy to defr...
  • Opera for Android gives you an option to quickly turn off ad blocking February 19, 2019
    Ad blocking on mobile web browsers is relatively commonplace, but it's also annoying when you want to turn it off to support a favorite site (or, let's be honest, to get past a "turn off your ad blocker" warning). Opera thinks it can win you over by...
  • John Romero's 'Doom' level pack gets pushed back to April February 19, 2019
    Late last year, Doom co-creator John Romero announced plans to release a new pack of levels for the game more than 25 years after its debut. Sigil is a "spiritual successor" to the game's fourth episode containing nine multiplayer levels and nine sin...
  • Xiaomi's fake-transparent Mi 9 isn't hiding anything February 19, 2019
    Remember that transparent Xiaomi Mi 8 phone that doesn't actually show what's inside the device? It must have gotten a pretty good reception, because the phonemaker has gone through the trouble of designing a fake-transparent version of the upcoming...
  • What's on TV: 'Desus & Mero,' 'Anthem,' and Academy Awards February 19, 2019
    While some are playing through a convoluted early access setup, EA's next big game, Anthem, finally becomes generally available later this week. Just before that, Desus & Mero will return to late night TV with the premiere of their new show on Sh...
  • Android Q's revamped gestures might ditch the back button February 19, 2019
    Android Pie's gesture controls can feel clunky at times with its mix of newer concepts with legacy holdovers. However, Google might just restore some consistency. XDA has discovered that an early build of Android Q includes a revised navigation sys...