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Fixed fees. No limits. And something no other remote IT services would think to offer you: dedicated personnel, standard with every package.

When IT issues and costs become a distraction they eat away at the very efficiencies they were supposed to create. Providing growing businesses the most confidence, flexibility, and affordability, PCOM’s fixed fee, no limits, managed IT services and onsite personnel put sophisticated technology deployment well within reach.

IT solutions that make sense.

Less moving parts for your organization, delivering a higher level of knowledge for your business success. We bring mature enterprise IT components scaled to your needs now and to stay ahead.

More value. More experience. Less risk.

Let’s talk about a smarter approach to your IT. Avoid downtime, data loss, and do it for less than what you spent for the infrastructure you have now without losing your current IT investments.

Control Costs: level the playing field.

You can get more done… for far less. With greater expertise… and greater peace of mind. And you don’t have to hire a full-time employee. You can truly harness the power of your technologies. You can put your business to work.

RSS Technology News

  • Google will pay $11 million to settle hundreds of age discrimination suits July 23, 2019
    Following a long legal process that started in 2015, Google will pay out $11 million to settle 227 claims from people who believe they were wrongly denied a career at the company because of their age. The settlement agreement is still waiting for the...
  • NYC's automated subway routing had glitches for 'months' before Friday July 22, 2019
    When New Yorkers were stuck without access to multiple subway lines for 90 minutes on July 19th, that was really just the culmination of ongoing woes. The City has obtained Metropolitan Transportation Authority reports showing that the NYC subway sys...
  • Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ reportedly has its first cast member July 22, 2019
    Amazon may have picked the first cast member for its upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series. Sources told several media outlets today that Australian actress Markella Kavenagh will be a series regular in the streaming giant's high-budget rendition of t...
  • Apple in 'advanced' discussions to buy Intel's modem division July 22, 2019
    After months of rumors, Intel is reportedly close to finding a buyer for its phone modem division... and it won't surprise you to hear who the candidate is. Wall Street Journal tipsters claim Apple is in "advanced talks" to buy the modem chip outfit...
  • Nintendo faces class action lawsuit over Switch controller 'drift' July 22, 2019
    As successful as the Nintendo Switch has been, there's been a consistent headache: Joy-Con drift. Many gamers have reported the controllers' analog sticks registering non-existent input (hence drifting), forcing players to either adapt or send the p...
  • Uber tests a $25 Pass that covers Eats and transportation July 22, 2019
    Uber is testing a subscription option that offers all-inclusive or discounted access to all its services. It's trialing a few variants of the plan in Chicago and San Francisco. All of them include trips on Jump e-bikes and scooters at no extra cost,...
  • Sneaker marketplace GOAT has an app just for China July 22, 2019
    Scoring a pair of limited-edition Vans or Air Jordans just got easier for Chinese consumers. Online sneaker marketplace GOAT announced their official launch in China today with a new localized app just for Chinese consumers, along with a WeChat versi...
  • The next 'Overwatch' hero is yet another evil scientist July 22, 2019
    Blizzard waited a little longer than fans expected, but it has at last revealed the identity of Overwatch's 31st playable character. Following a couple of mathematical-oriented teasers over the weekend, the developer confirmed rumors and leaks that S...
  • Netflix unveils new shows aimed at preschoolers July 22, 2019
    Netflix is expanding its selection for tots. The streaming giant announced today that it would be adding seven new shows, all geared towards children between the ages of two to six-years-old. Included in the new lineup is DreamWorks Dragons Rescue Ri...
  • WhatsApp comes to millions of basic cellphones running KaiOS July 22, 2019
    WhatsApp has only had limited availability on basic cellphones until now, but Facebook is about to throw the gates wide open. The messaging app is now available on the KaiStore, making it available to "millions" of low-cost KaiOS cellphones with at...